December 06 2019

Operational safety in shipyards

The full range of Viteria 2000 safety gear

Certain trades and, moreover, workplaces demand greater focus on operational health and safety for workers who are exposed to risk on a daily basis. In shipyards for small and large vessel construction and repairs, staff are constantly using equipment that requires careful, expert handling to avoid potential health and safety risks for workers.

Viteria 2000 has been supplying standard use items for shipyards for years, ranging from tools to safety gear.

The company has made sure it stocks everything that should be included in standard safety gear issued in a high-risk work environment like a shipyard. The professional team at Viteria 2000 can assist customers with their extensive knowledge of safety gear and recommend products designed to prevent potential risk to the safety of shipbuilding workers.

Simply safety wear

The apparel picked by Viteria 2000 for shipyard workers is high tech workwear that protects but doesn’t get in the way of what you are doing.

Special breathable fabrics ensure excellent wearability in any size so workers can move and work in freedom and, most importantly, comfort.

The Diadora Utility line, for example, has comfortable garments in high performance materials that also protect in particularly hostile outdoor environments.

Tough stretch fabric pants give the wearer excellent freedom of movement and also resistance to tearing.

Protective footwear is essential in shipyards, and we specialize in that.

Our stylish safety footwear lines are fully protective, waterproof and scratchproof with classic protective toe caps.

Viteria 2000 can provide workers with head-to-toe outfits for comfort and safety so they can do their jobs efficiently, free of risks.

Protective accessories

Protective apparel goes with indispensable technical accessories to complete the kit for shipyard workers. A helmet is perhaps the most important piece of kit for its absolutely vital protective function. Kask has been a Viteria 2000 partner for years and has launched a series of models designed to safeguard workers without getting in the way of what they are doing. The innovative micrometrical fit adjustment mechanism and 2DRY high performance fabric make Kask helmets standard safety equipment in the industry.

The range of accessories is completed with anti-cut gloves, safety goggles made of material that provides face protection in hazardous situations and respirators with molecular filters to prevent inhalation of chemical fumes.

All this and more can be found in the Viteria 2000 store, a worker safety specialist for many years.

Take a look at our product selection and you’ll find a whole range of safety supplies.