December 06 2019

Do you have a shipyard? We have what you need to perform better.

Sale of specialist material and apparel

In a shipyard everything must be organized for smooth operational performance, so the shipbuilders have the best working conditions. For this to happen, the shipyard must have all indispensable work gear, like tools, machinery and professional apparel.

Serving this sector for years, Viteria 2000 boasts qualified staff who have in time developed the essential experience to satisfy customer requirements. Shipbuilders have specific needs, strictly tied to what they do, and only a well-trained professional can truly understand those requests. Furthermore, the proximity of our branches to major shipyards in Italy and other countries means Viteria 2000 guarantees fast, efficient supply of materials and workwear.

Tools and apparel

Shipbuilders require special equipment and tools to do all the jobs required of a shipyard properly.

Viteria 2000 offers a vast range of specific products, created for working in environments like these. From power tools to welding machines, you can find everything you need to do a great job in-store, supported by a guaranteed, efficient after-sales assistance service.

The warehouse of every branch is extremely well-stocked to ensure that shipyard customers can easily find everything they need for work in-store.

A large section of the store is also dedicated to safety supplies, essential for shipyard workers.

Footwear, jackets and gloves are only some of the products sold by Viteria 2000, but there is plenty more in-store.

Viteria 2000 is there to support customers all the way, beyond purchase, through to our repair service so you can enjoy full use of your product.

Areas of operation

What makes Viteria 2000 a total industry leader is having its branches strategically close to important shipbuilding hubs.

The market network has indeed increased considerably, allowing Viteria 2000 to open stores in major Italian shipbuilding cities like Genoa, Marghera, Monfalcone and Ancona, and even in other countries, like Papenburg in Germany and Saint Nazaire in France.

Shipbuilding firms thus can rely on having a store near their yards, providing immediate assistance for any type of problem.

It often happens that various materials need to be purchased or replaced in the middle of a job.

So having a branch of Viteria 2000 nearby ensures that workers continue at full speed.

They can rely on just in time service, even for tools.

Viteria 2000 has established a strong bond with shipyards over the years, becoming synonymous with efficiency and a professional approach, both in Italy and abroad. Visit one of our stores to see our impressively vast product ranges for yourself.