Supporting customers who expect the best service too

Supporting our customers and putting them first is all about guaranteeing a full, comprehensive, customer-oriented service, from technical assistance to every kind of warranty, right through to efficient ways to improve how they manage their business.

Benefits of the Kanban method

Kanban is the solution that we suggest to companies to optimise warehouse management and improve productivity. This Japanese term refers to a specific lean production technique that uses cards with information needed for production, purchasing and stock movement, applied to materials and components containers.

Kanban allows you to:

keep precise control of warehouse stock;

avoid wasting money by reducing excess stock and constantly replenishing necessary materials;

always have the stock you need, when you need it, thanks to precisely-timed delivery.

A repair centre always available

For power or pneumatic tool repairs, it’s best to leave things to our skilled, professional repairs centre.

Our tool repair procedure:

  • we take the tool to be repaired accompanied by a repair request (for products under warranty, also attach the sales document and manufacturer-issued warranty extension if any);
  • we send a quotation (if requested);
  • once the quotation is confirmed, we repair the tool.
Repair Centre | Viteria 2000

Peace of mind with guaranteed products

Our assistance service covers warranties offered by the product manufacturers and systems that we sell. The warranty period can be extended according to conditions set by manufacturers.

Metabo XXL special warranty

The brands that we sell also include Metabo, whose power tools are covered by the Metabo XXL Warranty, a 1-year warranty from purchase date, with a further 2 years if the customer registers the power tool within 4 weeks of purchase on the product manufacturer’s website at the following link

Record deliveries in 24 hours

Fast, punctual goods delivery really makes the difference nowadays. We are absolutely committed to this. In the Friuli Venezia Giulia, Veneto and Trentino Alto Adige regions, we guarantee delivery within 24 hours of receiving your order. Times may vary according to the availability of the product requested.

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