December 06 2019

Viteria 2000: serving metalworking and engineering

Two industries that keep growing

Viteria 2000 supplies tools and accessories for a huge number of businesses of different types. This versatility derives from the extensive knowledge base that our staff have developed over the years, ranging from apparel to shipbuilding.

We serve many different sectors and, of course, we cannot overlook metalworking and engineering. The Viteria 2000 staff are a key reference in supplying various kinds of tools for these two areas of industry. Our well-stocked stores offer customers the opportunity to purchase industry-specific gear, buying not just the item, but also assistance from the Viteria 2000 team. For metalworking and engineering, we stock goods of various brands and for different uses, so customers find the right tools to carry out their work.

Gold standard after-sales service

What makes Viteria 2000 such a successful company is stocking a huge range of products, but not just that.

What seals the deal is offering an outstanding supply and after-sales service.

Highly-trained staff are happy to personally check if equipment is working properly, also offering customers access to an efficient, specialized repairs centre, operating under and outside of warranty.

This kind of service is essential to both metalworking and engineering companies, given the heavy use which workers’ industrial tools are subjected to. Knowing that you can rely on a trusted repair centre offering fast, professional service definitely brings added value.

Visit the product section of the website to discover the huge range of products for metalworking and engineering.