About us

A trusted ally for those facing the everyday challenges of their work

We offer the latest innovation in screws, bolts, tools and safety gear, and shipbuilding, industrial machinery and tooling supplies, offering products from top manufacturers.

In just over twenty years in business, working hard and investing constantly in professional and managerial resources, we have extended our radius of operation across the whole of Italy and Europe. Today, we operate via 8 major stores: six in Italy, one in France and one in Germany.

Our family now also includes Movint, the industrial handling, storage and fittings specialist.

This acquisition has allowed us to expand our already extensive and comprehensive product range, covering multiple specialist areas, and supported by efficient, versatile, expert service, including machinery and equipment installation wherever requested.

Our task is summed up in a clear four-point mission statement

To achieve the solid goal of fully satisfying expressed or implicit customer requirements.

To improve also by involving all collaborators, focussing on professional growth and individual motivation to offer more skilled, up-to-date services.

To work hard at building and maintaining a collaborative bond of trust with customers that benefits everyone.

To meet the needs of those who trust in us, offering high quality hospitality and a warm welcome at our in-store bar area open to customers.

“Our strength lies in really knowing what the many, diverse industrial and professional sectors we serve need, which makes us capable of providing targeted and effective solutions.

Those who rely on our experience and multi-specialisation know they can find what they are looking for and get it immediately, supported both during and after the purchase by competent staff who love what they do.

In other words? Total reliability.”

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